Outpost Delivery Service is available with all PLUS and ACCESS Subscriptions.

How Outpost Delivery Service Works

Ship your packages to outpost

We’ll give you a unique shipping address that you can use for all your online shipping.

Get Notified When Packages Arrive

We’ll send you a message as soon as your packages arrive at our location.

Schedule your package delivery

You can schedule a 2 hour delivery window for when you’re actually home.

Say goodbye to package theft and missed delivery notices.

Save the Trip

Never miss a package delivery again. Avoid trips to pick up packages at lockers, the UPS store, or post offices.

Keep Packages Safe

Outsmart those pesky package thieves. Our secure warehouses keep your packages safe until you’re ready for them.

Schedule On Your Time

Select a 2 hour window and get packages when you’re actually home.

We accept packages from all major shipping carriers.


Delivery Pricing

  • Delivery Area
  • Zone 1 Delivery
  • Zone 2 Delivery
  • Zone 3 Delivery
  • Zone 4 Delivery
  • Zone 5 Delivery
  • Zone 6 Delivery
  • Zone 7 Delivery
  • Delivery Area
  • 1 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 2 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 3 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 4 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 5 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 6 Mile Delivery Radius
  • 7 Mile Delivery Radius
  • Delivery Charge
  • $8.95
  • $11.45
  • $13.95
  • $16.45
  • $18.95
  • $21.45
  • $23.95

Your delivery zone is calculated based on the approximate driving distance from our location in San Francisco to your home.  Want to know your delivery zone before signing up? Give us a call  (415) 626-2575 or email us at hello@outpostmailaccess.com and we’ll check your address in our system.

Receiving large packages? We have you covered.

  • Weight (lbs)
  • Tier 1 Package
  • Tier 2 Package
  • Tier 3 Package
  • Tier 4 Package
  • Weight (lbs)
  • 0 lbs – 30 lbs
  • 31 lbs – 50 lbs
  • 51 lbs – 60 lbs
  • 60 lbs +
  • Linear Inches (W+L+H)
  • 0″ – 60″ inches
  • 61″ – 80′ inches
  • 81″ – 100″ inches
  • 100″+ inches
  • Extra Delivery Charge
  • $0
  • $8
  • $15
  • Not Currently Avalaible

What customers are saying.

I don’t have a car, and I rely on Amazon for a lot of things in order to save me a trip to the store. Outpost has made it easy to get all my packages without having to worry about missing a delivery!

VikSan Francisco, CA

I was using Doorman for package delivery, but after they stopped their service Outpost as been an amazing alternative.

LexieSan Francisco, CA

I got tired of stolen packages and having to deal with the online store every time something was missing.  Outpost has made it shopping online easy and worry free.

HeidiSan Francisco, CA.

I just moved from NY, and missed having a Doorman to collect all my packages.  Outpost has made it so I have all the convince of my old apartment without needing to find a apartment with a doorman.

RajSan Francisco, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I ship my packages?

Ship your online purchases (or anything else) to your Outpost Shipping Address including your unique customer number provided at signup.

Once we receive your package at our secure warehouse, it gets scanned into our system, and you’ll get a notification letting you know that it’s ready for delivery scheduling.

Select a delivery window to schedule your package delivery, same day or weeks away.

You will get notified once when the driver is on the way, and again when they have arrived at your door.

You Name
2261 Market St.
#[Your Mailbox Number]
San Francisco CA, 94114

Does Outpost offer a free trial?

We currently do not have a free trial.   The minimum subscription is 3 months for new customers.

When can I schedule a delivery?

Delivery Service Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6pm to 8pm
Saturday: No Delivery Service
Sunday: No Delivery Service

We are currently looking into Weekend delivery and extending weekday hours until 10 pm.

To schedule a delivery go to http://www.outpostmailaccess.com/delivery

Can I use the delivery service to ship items?

Unfortunately Outpost delivery is only setup to bring your items to you, we’re working on logistics for a pick service.  Remember you can always drop off your packages with us at our storefront.

2261 Market Street.
San Francisco CA, 94114

Can I pick up my items instead of having them delivered?

Of course! Just come to our storefront on Market St.

Outpost Mail Access
2261 Market St.
San Francisco CA, 94114

Is there a limit on the number of items I can get delivered?

Yes, we’ll deliver upto 5 items per delivery.

Can I only have some of my packages delivered?

You can separate packages by size and limit deliveries to only Tier 1 packages.

Do large package deliveries cost extra?

In some cases, yes.

Packages between 30 lbs to 50 lbs  or between 61 to 80 linear inches (l+w+h) will incur a $8 fee surcharge.

Packages between 50 lbs to 60 lbs  or between 81 to 100 linear inches (l+w+h) will incur a $15 delivery surcharge.

Any packages that exceed 60 lbs or above 100 linear inches (l+w+h) will need to be picked up in person.

Please check with our customer service team at hello@outpostmailaccess.com to confirm the delivery price and let us know when to expect it!

What else can I use Outpost for?

You can use your Outpost Shipping Address for pretty much anything. Here are some common uses:

  • Meal kit services (Blue Apron, HelloFresh, etc..)
  • Personal stylist subscriptions (Rent the Runway, Trunk Club, StitchFix)
  • Home goods (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma)
  • Furniture (Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Pottery Barn)

Can I get wine shipped to me?

We’ll take care of the signatures required to receive your wine deliveries on your behalf, and deliver it on your schedule.

When your Doorman driver arrives, we do require signature and proof that you’re over 21 (using driver’s license, passport, or military ID).

How long will you hold packages?

We can hold the packages for 10 days at no extra cost. After 10 days, we will charge a storage fee of $0.50/day per package

Am I expected to tip the delivery driver?

Our drivers don’t expect to be tipped by our customers.

In what cities is Outpost Mail Access available?

Right now Outpost Mail Access Delivery is only available in San Francisco. 

Why does your service sound a lot like Doorman?

It’s because we loved Doorman, and we miss it.  We knew the guys at Doorman well, in fact we even worked with them to help launch Doorman.  When Doorman shut down their service, a lot of their customers were disappointed and came to us and told us how much they loved having a home delivery solution for their packages.  It’s taken a while, but we are now offering home delivery of packages.   In fact we have a special discount for doorman customers – click here to check it out.

Do you have an app?

Not yet, but we’re working on one to make requesting deliveries even easier. We’ll let you know as soon as we have one.

Until then you can request a delivery at outpostmailaccess.com/delivery